miscellaneous plumbing fixtures

is a guitar and ukulele based, melodic, singer-songwriter producing lyric driven indie folk rock.

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latest release

Take a listen to and pick up our brand new 2021 release “I’ve been there

For the longest time Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures was just me. An alias for all the silly, weird and occasionally earnest and emotional tunes I was spitting out into the void.

Then slowly I started adding collaborators as either they expressed interest or I, nicely, bullied them into it.

With the release of “I’ve been there” – arguably something of the end of a trilogy of bigger, broader and more bad ass albums that started with Where Our Hearts Can Be A Shambles last year – the MP Fixtures have become a band.

This album wasn’t just individual collaborators jumping on and off songs, this was a full collaboration with a core group of musicians and artists, all infinitely more talented than I, who not only leant their instruments but also their ideas. It was an eye opening, free, exciting, hard work filled ride that was filled with surprises, elation and a wee sprinkle of creative magic.

I am honoured to be a part of this ramshackle bunch of troubadours who take a few of my silly ideas and make them shine like stars.


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Welcome to the all new Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures podcast “Meet The Fixtures” – the independent music podcast – Host Jon Cross talks to independent musicians about their history, their inspirations and their collaborations.

2020 releases

Throughout the pandemic of 2020 on the first Friday of every month, Bandcamp has been waiving its fees for the artists so they receive 100% of the earnings from any sale. This, the fact that 2020 has served up just so much to write about and that I felt people needed entertaining lead me to try and put a little new music out each time these “first Friday’s” hit.

It lead to 2020 being the most productive and prolific years I’ve had since I started writing music.

Find all our 2020 releases here.

ukulele songs for quarantined kids

earlier in the year, to help combat the tedium and troubles of quarantine and to hopefully spread a little entertainment and joy, I created ukulele videos in my kitchen. They can be found here:

watch our latest video

“You’re My Last Chance”

A music video from the album – “Truer Crime

It features: Jonny Cole of Jonny & the Kid on horn
Jay Mayo – on guitar & backing vocals
and Hilde Heynickx – Vocals

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