2020 Releases

A year in the making, Where Our Hearts Can Be A Shambles is the musical equivalent of heading to the horizon to find that place where all your mess is either accepted or it doesn’t matter.

This was my second album assembling a group of digital collaborators, a lot of whom I’ve never even met, to give the songs a fuller, more varied and even, in some cases, unexpected sound. Buy it. Stream on Spotify.

Released February 12, 2020
Recorded in a week, All the songs were written and recorded in just a handful of hours, over 4 days, with only a few takes and in a rough and ready way just to prove it to myself that I could. Why not, right? Buy it. Stream on Spotify.

released August 7, 2020
5 years ago I wrote The Pleasencing! a ten track album about British character actor Donald Pleasence. I had always threatened a follow up.

Now seemed as good a time as any. Buy it. Stream on Spotify.

released October 2, 2020
This is the closest you’ll get to a live album I think as most of these are one take, live demos or rehearsals.
There are also some unreleased songs that only exist in demo form and others which have shown up on The After Movie Diner podcast but never made it to Bandcamp.
Buy it. Stream on Spotify.

released December 4, 2020
This is a compilation of the best of some old songs I pulled from the vaults that were recorded somewhere between the years of 2005 and 2010.

Most of them are very, very silly. I’ve started going through my vaults and throwing together some ramshackle albums from old, previously unreleased tracks. Buy it. Stream on Spotify.

Released March 26, 2020
My big release of 2020 was going to be “Where Our Hearts Can Be A Shambles’ an album I had worked on for 18 months and collaborated with people across the country on. However after that album was released in February I just kept writing music.

Then Covid-19 hit.

It’s not like I suddenly had more time, in fact, quite the contrary, working from home seems to mean working all the time with seemingly no end. Writing and recording songs became a nice little escape and I was having more and more fun playing with the lyrics and expanding my electric guitar playing and producing skills.

Originally intended just to be a rough and ready, fun and free release of tracks and ideas during lockdown, Truer Crime ended up growing into something much bigger, much better and, to me at least, more important.

As contributors and collaborators came on board the sound started to change, develop and blossom.

This is now my third album assembling a group of digital collaborators or, as they will now, and forever, be known “The Fixtures” and it’s my favourite part of the process. From remixing, to new instruments, to collaborating on vocals with a university friend I haven’t seen in almost 20 years, every single contribution takes what meagre song offerings I can cobble together and makes them sore high through the clouds, then do a superhero landing, kick a bunch of henchmen’s arses, down a swift pint or two and then take a well deserved nap on a Bermuda beach.

This whole thing is a truly international affair with musicians from America, England, Scotland and Belgium on the tracks. I do hope it brings a little light into the darkness of the current situation and that you enjoy it enough to tell your friends and family about it! Buy it. Stream on Spotify.

released September 4, 2020
Another collection of songs, demos and ideas that I thought I would fling into the abyss. Buy it. Stream on Spotify.

released November 6, 2020